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One Month Meditation Program


Our talented Teacher is a postgraduate in yoga and holistic health from kumaon University Nainital. Also completed advance meditation, kundalini jagran and yog nidra from International yoga Institute Rishikesh. Subjects: 1- Philosophy of yoga 2- Ashana as prescribed in HUT YOGA ( GHIRAND SANHITA) 3- Pranayam 4- Pretyahar ( non attachment) 5 Consentration an Meditation technics 6- Kundalini awaiking 7- Yog Nidra. 5 Consentration an Meditation technics 6- Kundalini awaiking 7- Yog Nidra. In this 30-day meditation journey, we will ease you into a routine and help you reap all of the benefits meditation has to offer. Each day we will focus on an aspect that links our mind to our body (and breath) to help you develop a practice that works for you! Beginning and sticking with our practice is not so easy, so let's start slow. Each day we will practice bringing our attention to the sensations in our body, to the fluctuations in our mind, and to the quality of our breath so that we may find peace and awareness within ourselves. If the students/Learner wish to pay the registration fees of INR 3,000/- /per one month or 100.00per day (book per day, 2 days before scheduled class) .




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Pratibha Jain,New Delhi

"‘I very much enjoyed the Meditation Program at Talenttent. The basic sequence of practices are very clear and make much more “sense” to me than some of the other approaches to meditation that I’ve tried before. Now I feel motivated to keep meditating’"


Moumita Bhattacharya,Bhopal

""‘I felt like trying this meditation was like trying to train a puppy. The start has been made and the potential is there for the puppy to grow into a wonderful happy dog!’"

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Rajiv Singh,Navi Mumbai 

‘Great workshop, great tools and techniques learned, thankyou. I really enjoyed it, it gave me an interesting and down to earth understanding’

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