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Joy of Donate 

The More you Donate,
the More you Receive
Donate used Educational books, be it School text, educational, professional, non- professional books, i. e engineering, medical, Intermediate, graduation and post- graduation, research, IT and other books of competitive entrance exams, reference books, picture books & story books for children etc. book  to help students in need.
Old/New useable mobiles, laptops, PC, tablets to good use , study table /any academics items/Cash and help underprivileged kids continue their education online.

Develop the culture of read & share

Study Room

What the Donor Do?

  1. Fill-Up the donation form (Donate Now)

  2. Get Books/items Ready & Packed.

  3. Send us the consignment charges *.

  4. We shall send you Delivery address.

  5. After submit the Print-outs Delivery/Tracking Slip

  6. We shall pay the donor the consignment charges.

  7. Enjoy the JOY OF GIVING!

(*The consignment charges will depend on the mutual understanding between the Donor and acceptor (the students/learner). If the Donor ready to pay the consignment charges t, no charge for acceptor. Else , the acceptor have to pay it)

What We Do?

  1. Talenttent Accept books/items with pride on online mode only

  2. Assured books/items are enlisted on the website.

  3. We help/Lets  the students/learner to book the books/items through our online stores .

  4. Depend on the mutual understanding between the Donor and acceptor, we Send the books to help students/learner in need.

  5. Shipping books to the students/learner Door-step.

What The  students/learner Do?

  1. 1. The students/learner to book the books/items through our online stores .

  2. Chose the books/items in need.

  3. Check the status of the consignment charges/Shipping charges

  4. If you going to pay the consignment charges/Shipping charges, Pay it. Else, choose the books/items free the consignment charges/Shipping charges.

  5. Stay stress free,

  6. The books/items will be deliver at students/learner Door-step.

  7. Be Thankful to the  Donor

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