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Get up,Your story isn't over yet.

Get up, Your story isn't over yet. You've got so much more to give and share with the world and today I'm not going to let you stay down any longer.

Stop hiding from the world, stop beating yourself up and stop over thinking and over complicating your life.


We all make mistakes. We all stuff up from time to time. We all lose someone or something we love on the journey of life. But that doesn't mean we have to lose ourselves and our spark in the process.


I know you're hurting, I know you're struggling to make sense of your life and you're trying to figure out how the hell you ended up here.


But your failures, your mistakes and your current set of circumstances don't have to define you. You're still writing your story baby and maybe you just haven't penned the good part of your life's story yet.


Like any great author or writer, you're creating a body of work and you're still developing your character, you're still developing your story line and you're still creating your masterpiece.


Get back up. It's not over, in fact it's far from over and you don't have to give in and give up because a few things haven't worked out for you lately. We both know you have so much love, passion and energy to share with the world.

~ Your story isn't over yet, you haven't finished building your dreams and you haven't backed yourself and trusted yourself enough to go out there and light the world on fire with your passion, your talent and your crazy ideas. ~ Whatever you've been through and however tough things may seem right now, I'm asking you to give yourself a chance to keep writing your story, to keep believing in your dreams and get back up and fight for what you believe in. ~ Your story isn't over yet, so get up, smile and be grateful that you get another chance to re-define and re-create your life and yourself. ~ You hold the pen that determines your destiny and you truly are the author of your own beautiful and unique life story.- Joe

Original Story by Joe Duncan

N.B: The Team TalentTTent thankful to share the author Joe Duncan in Facebook post Before5am

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