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What is femininity?

The subject is known and as old as the world. For some time, I have been browsing blogs, reading their entries, and sometimes I come across blogs where there is quite a lot about femininity. I agree with many. With many not!

Somehow I find it disgusting that women teach men how to be women. And women are very eager to turn to them, to men, for the teachings on femininity.

And it's not that a man has no right to say what he wants or what he likes in women, because yes. Every one of us has our preferences, ideas, longings and thoughts. However, whether images, hopes and thoughts - give happiness and fulfilment is entirely different.

The most remarkable thing about femininity is that there is no single definition. Each of us expresses our feminine character differently, and the perception of the fair sex in society also changes dynamically with the development of knowledge in the field of biology or psychology. Traditionally, femininity has been seen through the prism of beauty, delicacy and emotionality, and the role of a woman has been associated mainly with being a (good) mother and caretaker of the hearth. In the 21st century, largely thanks to feminist movements, terms such as independence, assertiveness and ambition are no longer the domain of men. And fashion plays a significant role in creating the image of modern ladies. We like to call it #blueshadowmoment.

You probably promise yourself often that "this weekend I will find time for myself." You are planning a trip to a place where you will be able to rest ... You are looking forward to meeting your best friends because you haven't seen them for a month ... Or you want to stay at home and laze around in your pyjamas all day ... And what? You are not going to the mountains, because it is supposed to rain all weekend; Your friends have fallen ill, and my son has two games that you forgot to death. And the whole plan sucks ...

Relax, you're not the only one. We also have it sometimes. But doing something extraordinary just for yourself and your feminine nature doesn't have to be like tedious project management. Sometimes it's quite a spontaneous action. Do you know the saying that the best parties are the unplanned ones? There is something about it.

Spending time with yourself, contrary to appearances, is by no means seen as selfishness; it all depends on your point of view. Instead of "finding" time for yourself, "give it" to yourself at some point. Or take it as the guilty pleasure that each of us deserves from time to time. Eat a bar of chocolate, listen to the Backstreet Boys, indulge in "shopping therapy", go to a spa ... Your world won't collapse if you forget about everything for a few moments. We even dare to say that you will only benefit from it.

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