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Set Up Free Website With Google My Business Website Builder

“Getting a website is a major challenge to most businesses, especially startups because they are expensive, complex and consumes time. But with this great tool, you can easily have a website for your business…”

Just recently, Google launched a program known as Website Builder within Google My Business. This was a step directed at assisting startups to create websites at an easy and affordable process.

How Much Is It?

This tool is entirely free to use, however, to have a custom domain like .biz, .com, or .net, customers will have to buy one of the domains merchandised through Google domains.

Great Features

Website Builder comes with some impressive features, but the most notable one is the fact that it is free to use. At an extra cost, this tool will give a custom domain name, and it will be able to update automatically. Website Builder is also very easy to use and you and even manage it on your mobile phone. Once you got the site, you can go ahead to place your ads, which is a great thing. To use the Website Builder, it is very important to note that you will need to have a verified listing on Google My Business.

Advantages of the Google’s Website Builder

It becomes very easy to create a website once you have this great tool. Once you have this tool, it can be highlighted as your website on your profile for Google My Business. This tool is very easy to manage in the profile for Google My Business. With this toll, adding custom cover photos and other images becomes very easy, and besides all, it is very mobile friendly.

Website Builder comes with an embed of Google Map and can also highlight the information on business hours and information.

The Bad Side

It is only available with a one-page site and therefore restricting a choice of designing other pages. The tool also cannot add the titles to a custom page as well as Meta descriptions or even any kind of Meta. This tool can also not be shared on social media platforms since it does not come with the buttons for social sharing. The Website Builder cannot also include structured data markup and can also not add alt text to a particular image. These are just some of the few drawbacks of using this tool, from the SEO perspective.

Should Startups Use the Google My Business Website Builder?

This tool can work best for those who do not have the time to create a sizeable, few pages website on established platforms like Yola or Squarespace. It would also be great to buy a custom domain as opposed to using the default URL.

Article done by Henry Deriki. Keep in touch for more…

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