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If You Want To Win, Start LOSING…

There are a countless number of people trying to sell you on something.

The ultimate secret to this…

The one hack for that…

The complete formula for success…

But really, it’s a lot simpler than that.

Guess what the “secret” to winning and success is.

That’s right, it’s…

Failure & Loss. And a lot of it.

I am no stranger to making mistakes.

I do believe that it’s possible to detach myself, while also being the most competitive savage out there.

If anything, that is the ultimate form of spirituality for me.

In much the same way, it can become a practice of spirituality for you.

“What does losing have to do with spirituality?!”

Spirituality, from my perspective, is nothing more than being able to align yourself with the present moment fully – without monkey mind and ego.

And, an important part of that process is detachment – the ability to distance yourself from the thoughts, emotions, and actions that you experience.

I’ve always wondered whether it was possible or not to attain this Zen-like state within the line of things I do…

What would be possible?

How would that experience change my perspective?

Anyways, the connection between spirituality and loss is very strong.

Without loss, you wouldn’t be able to have the opportunity to practice skills such as present moment discipline, observation, and outcome detachment.

To win, you must embrace the process of losing.

Losing is an always has been emotionally difficult for me to deal with, as I’m sure you’ve shared the same experience.

It’s emotionally taxing to lose game after game and feel as if all of my efforts have gone to waste because of it on the field.

But, there’s an important lesson for you and me to learn there.

No matter how many times you lose, you are moving one step closer to eventually getting a win of some kind. It may not feel as if that is what’s going on, but I can assure you that this is definitely the case.

I can only speak from my experience at the end of the day and that lesson has manifested itself time and time again.

After a long streak of unclear and clear losses, I eventually succeeded or win on some level.

Why is this the case?

Losing acts as the training ground.

When you lose, you are forced to take a step back and objectively observe your own strategy.

Whenever I mess up or lose, I am always analyzing what could be improved and what was done well.

That’s exactly how you must approach all of your life.

Did you gain extra weight? Observe the actions and mindset that led to such a glaring failure in your eyes.

Did you go broke? Observe your habits and psychology around money.

There is a rhyme and reason to everything that you go through, results do not just appear without a cause to them.

If you really struggle with loss and want to gain an extra edge over yourself and the competition, then discipline is your best friend and savior.

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