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Consciously Deliberate…

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

I am deliberate and afraid of nothing. They say we learn from our mistakes, that’s why I’m deliberately making as many as possible. Soon I’ll be a genius. If you’ve been a love interest in my past, don’t be sad that it ended, be happy that it happened.

You’re going to get a customized ‘Thank You’ note from my wife. Now don’t be mad, it’s all love from this side. I know women enjoy a good love/hate relationship. But to do two things at once is to do neither. Pick a side, the side of love. Love me.

We often disguise our reflexes as deliberate actions. “No honey, I didn’t mean to slap you, you simply walked into my open palm”. Be careful out there people, don’t get used to the violence. If your partner is laughing and playfully hits you, run away from them. If they become upset, they will also seriously hit you. Trust me, I don’t make the rules. A person that cannot practice restraint when they are happy shouldn’t be trusted. If you playfully slap me, I will playfully send you back to your maker. And that’s on Saint Valentine.

Rude. “I don’t know why I come off as rude” Nope, don’t sugarcoat it, you’re rude, end of story. Rudeness is the weak person’s imitation of strength. Arrogance and rudeness usually go hand in hand. Together they form training wheels on the bicycle of life for weak people who cannot keep their balance without it. It takes balls to be rude though, because rude people say things everyone else is thinking but too scared to say. So if you’re going to be rude, go hard. Don’t be a sissy.

Intentionally. Living intentionally implies that it is not always going to be convenient, but it is what will take you to significance if you do not give up. If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, you’ll be unhappy for the rest of your life. The mind is like water. When it is turbulent, it’s difficult to see. When it is calm everything becomes clearer. Sometimes when I’m really hungry, I stop seeing colours. Also explains why people search for a location while driving, and they even turn down the radio to concentrate. Like it would improve their eyesight. Kenyans though

Lying. You don’t tell deliberate lies but you have to be evasive. Skill comes with consistent and deliberate practice. Do you want to become a skilled liar? Practice and put in that work, you’ll reap the dividends. Great talker, great liar. A liar should have a good memory. The goal really is to get to a point where you don’t have to lie about anything. Where you’re truly at peace with the world. Ideally, you should set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it. Or stick to the magic of lies.

Personal growth. Personal growth is misleading because it sounds like it’s going to be fun. But if we called it “Deliberately making yourself so uncomfortable, it’ll feel like you’re dying,” nobody will do it and we’d be totally screwed. You gotta permanently get rid of some relationships because they are simply too toxic to keep. Especially if your love language is toxicity and it’s all you’ve ever known. These good guys with transparent intentions won’t just cut it. You prefer the guy that would ask you to step out of his car into the rain because it makes for a better villain story. You’re better off away from the toxic drama. But are you being deliberate enough about your choices?

Toast to the good life. A good life is not living the life everyone else intended for you. It is being deliberate with your life. Being very, very deliberate with each decision you make. Deliberate choices are the only sacred things in the universe. Everything else is just hydrogen. We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here? Whilst we deliberate how to begin a thing, it grows too late to begin it. Good things happen to those who hustle. Gents, find yourself a good girl. Good girls are found in every corner of the earth.

Unfortunately, earth is round

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