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Updated: Dec 13, 2021

One day me and my friends Divyanshi, Swamshree, Laima and my elder sister Aditi decided to go to an old building near our school to see if anyone leave their or not. There was no Lock on the gate we entered it, and just soon we have opened the door the sound of an old lady laughing maniacally "ha ha ha hi hi hi, we all are scared. One of them tried to ask "who are you? Are you a ghost" old lady laughing sound stopped.

She replied I am a spirit of an old lady when I used to be human my younger son and my husband live in this house, but when my son grew up, he became greedy for the property so one day he decided to kill my husband and me and took all the home property papers and now he is leaving in any other country with his own family. I need very much care. My friends and I are very emotional at that time then we thought that "a mother who had taken care of a child so carefully that child had killed that mother for a small property which is not compatible with the mother's goodness." So we decided whenever we will get the time, we will come to spend time with the old lady.

The old lady was pleased to hear that she will get care from children. Now we had understood the importance of a mother. Then we cleaned the house, and that old house changes into a beautiful home. In the end, all lived happily.

Moral of the story:- look after your mother very carefully

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Ipsita Nayak
Ipsita Nayak
26 сент. 2021 г.

Ya it's really really good 👍🏻.....keep it up..💖


Aditi Biswal
Aditi Biswal
25 сент. 2021 г.

Great!! 🤩🥳 Inspiring, Adventurous and with an important moral... Carry On... 😊

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