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Your Death Has Value

Would you believe me?

Would you call me crazy?

I have a story for you that I think would make you think otherwise if you aren’t convinced.

The Lifeless Cat

A couple of months ago, I noticed something interesting on my daily commute- a dead cat.

Unfortunately, the poor “little guy” was hit by a car and found himself on the side of the door.

Day after day, I observed how this cat would decay on the pavement.

The flattening of the body…

The discoloration of death…

The blood staining the ground…

It was eye opening to become a witness to this natural process.

And then, something funny and interesting happened…

One day, as I made that routine pass of the cat’s body, I realized that I would also experience the process of decay one day.

I will go from being a vital human being with dreams and hopes to a lifeless vessel so that Mother Earth can create food out of my body for the insects and fungi.

You might assume this to be a negative feeling, but it was quite the opposite.

A feeling of peaceful perspective enveloped my mind, body, and spirit.

You have an expiration date

Both you and I have an expiration date, we will die one day.

We do everything we can to avoid confronting this Truth, but that form of ignorance does nothing but create an unhealthy relationship with death.

Your relationship with death dictates how you live

What kind of relationship do you have with death?

For most, this cannot even be articulated because they have hidden it so deeply from their view.

As I mentioned above, running away from the topic of death will only create unhealthy outcomes and relationships.

Regret is the manifestation that follows such unhealthy and unconscious relationships.

The only time is NOW

Now is the only time for you and I to make the most of this finite experience of life. As far as we know, you don’t get any second chances.

To make the most of life, you and I must start with the understanding that there is value and beauty in the dying process.

Whatever you do, become keenly aware of the fact that you will perish.

Your Mind

Your Body

Your Family

All will be buried deep within the womb of the ground.

A meditation on death produces perspective

I believe that the most powerful form of meditation that exists is the one in which you keenly focus on the fact that you will die.

Not only are you becoming aware of how finite this experience is, but you are also cultivating a deeper appreciation for perspective.

What better perspective to carry with you than that of your own death?

Once you integrate this, your decision and values will change dramatically to maximize what you care about as well as personal growth.

If you haven’t meditated on your death, do so now.

There is value to be found in such a practice.

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