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Why Are you Scared of Being Yourself?

Why are you terrified of acting like yourself?

Sadly, the majority of people are living their lives from a hollow place. You must question whether or not you are one of those individuals.

Being yourself is the sweetest freedom you will ever experience.

  1. The fast cars

  2. The big house

  3. The expensive jewelry

All of those things are beautiful, there’s nothing wrong with the acquisition of material items.

But no material item will ever produce the gratifying feeling that being yourself will. It doesn’t even come close, it’s not worthy of comparison.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

— Oscar Wilde

Being yourself allows you to become fluid with life, you feel uninhibited and complete.

In my opinion, there is no better feeling to experience.

What the fuck does “be yourself” even mean?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to “being yourself” these days.

Firstly, being yourself is not about accepting your weak points. Instead, it is about being focused on never ending improvement and evolution.

I’m not using “be yourself” as a cop out so that you can remain comfortable.

Secondly, being yourself is often associated with finding yourself and that’s a false assumption.

You do not find yourself, you create yourself.

Other than that, being yourself is about following your natural inclinations and becoming intimate with your curiosity.

Walking the path of what you are fascinated by is the foundation of being yourself.

That leads me into this…

Curiosity is the foundation of being authentically yourself.

  1. What are you fascinated by?

  2. What are you obsessed with?

  3. What can you spend hours doing without getting tired?

Those are a couple questions that can help you in your own journey to becoming authentic.

Authentic self-expression starts with walking the path of curiosity.

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