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Tribute to my Dad

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

'Every year at this time, I am saddened as you left us for your ongoing journey.

As we all are bidding adieu to God Ganesha with the unhappy feelings

Ganpati jaate gaavala chain pade na aamalah.May God Ganesha take away everybody worries and take care of the safety of every one in these difficult times'

On this date 19 September which is my father's demise anniversary day.

My Father My Hero.

On the auspicious day of Anant Chaturthi, God Ganesha took you along with him to his heavenly abode.

This is an emotional tribute from me to you, my loving father.

As I was growing up, you are my first hero, my guardian, my teacher.

You were my father and I love you dearly. I miss you here on planet earth, but I know that one day we will be together again on a new journey of life.

You helped me throughout this life, from the time I was born till the day you left this world.

You inspired, motivated, encouraged me for what I am today.

You achieved in doing a lot of new initiatives and told us to be proud of the fact of being a proud Indian and to do contribute back to our community & our society

You did a lot of management endeavors and social upliftment for our community & society.You spoke in most of the Indian companies AGMs meetings, and also spoke in various rotary clubs, lions club members meetings, you bought Balkan ki Bari Ulhasnagar to greater heights and even did a lot of social service uplift work towards the society & our country.You have left behind an affluent & vibrant legacy with success stories passed on to our younger family generations to follow your principles.

You taught me how to be grateful for myself, but at the same time be humble modest & down to earth.

You taught me to reach out to help unprivileged & poor people

when they need support, & to offer my hand in their support. You imparted in me the importance of giving assistance without any expectations.

From you, I learned that all people are the same in God's almighty eyes & we should spread love, joy & happiness all around the greatest & noblest tasks among all the aspects.

You gave me the courage to try new endeavors. You gave me the proficiency that to fail sometimes only leads to another door a better opportunity will come to us.

Thank you, for being the most loving & caring father for all of us.

I love you with all my heart and soul.

© By Jawahar B Lalla.

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