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The Middle Ground Doesn’t Exist

Written by Derrick H.

There is no middle ground between functional and dysfunctional.

Your health is either functional or dysfunctional.

Your relationships are either functional or dysfunctional.

Your bank account is either functional or dysfunctional.

Your body movement is either functional or dysfunctional.

Your attitude and psychology are either functional or dysfunctional.

The middle ground doesn’t exist.

Firstly, let’s define both the terms functional and dysfunctional.

Functional: working or operating.

Dysfunctional: not operating normally or properly.

So, there is your litmus test: Does your chosen facet of life work and operate correctly or is it not operating properly and normally?

Let me assure you that the following things are not a healthy normal, even though they are ubiquitous:

  1. Debt accumulation

  2. Divorce rates skyrocketing

  3. Chronic disease and illness

  4. Rising depression and anxiety

People have this idealistic notion that there is a middle ground.

The reason why people convince themselves that there is a middle ground is because they seek comfort.

For the majority of people, comfort becomes the priority as opposed to growth and this manifests in their psychology and behavior.

People would like to believe that they can get away with the idea of the middle ground because they think that it will make up for the countless number of excuses that they create.

This is a pure delusion.

You are either operating functionally or dysfunctionally. There is no grey area here. Instead, there is one of two answers: Functional and Dysfunctional.

Now, I would like you to evaluate your own life right now. Assess every facet of your life from this perspective.

Health, Wellness, & Energy

Love & Relationships

Finance, Wealth, & Career

Personal Growth & Fulfillment

The starting point of all progress is awareness and this is where you must start.

Firstly, do not attempt to change your dysfunctional ways. Instead, observe them in real time when they are occurring.

Over time, you will begin to realize how destructive the given behavior is and this will guide you in the direction of practical change.

Escape the room of unconsciousness.

Step into the room of consciousness.

Love you all,

Be relentless and prolific,


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