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Speak Up Now!!!

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

We don’t realize how much what we’re holding onto could be affecting us. Speak up. You could have perceived it wrongly. You could have misinterpreted wh

at was said. Maybe how you felt was based on so many external factors, and you overreacted.

We don’t realize how much we are dying inside till we reach our breaking points and blow up. Speak up. Maybe someone else also went through what your ordeal. Maybe someone has an explanation as to why things are the way they are. Maybe someone has an answer or a solution to your probems.

We don’t realize how much hurt, how much harm, how much trauma we’re causing others every time we shut them up. Especially as adults, parents, or guardians, it is important to note that every time you deny someone an opportunity to speak up, you ruin

them. The fact that you are too young, not so educated, doesn’t see life from your lenses is not reason enough not to speak up.

Poor communication has ruined a lot of potentially beautiful new beginnings. Look at this country, Kenya, the silence of the elites and privileged when things are going bad has caused more harm. Look at how our politicians react towards divergent views. Now take for instance your family or marital relations, how many problems could be preven

ted by simply talking about it.

I know your parents taught you not to disagree with your superiors because that’s disrespectful. I know bosses have trained you to do things as told and not suggest even when you know better. In fact, a lot of people that you tried to open up to, let you down. All you know is to keep things to yourself or tell the least concerned.

Try to speak up. It’ll be hard at the beginning but it only gets easier. Maybe if teenagers and kids are trained to speak up, there will be less cases of sexual harassment. Maybe if we learn to speak up, we’ll be able to hold our superiors accountable. Maybe if we speak up, we’ll see less families breaking down. MAYBE

Till next time buddies

Sanitize and stay safe y’all

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