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More Than Just the Labels


“Kizungu ilikuja na meli”

~Famous Kenyan quote

I mean how many times even after practicing whatever accent you heard your friends from the group of schools and their diction, has your English rounded off to your mother and friends’ mother tongue just when you need to shine with it? But come to think of it, in this time and age, especially now that we seek to shed off the label of tribalism, those accents are the very reminders that diversity has a beauty that makes life, Kenyan life, what it is. But the power just lies much more on reading and ingesting rightly whatever we get other than just speaking like an American, ask Floyd Mayweather where that has gotten him.

So on thaaaat…

Kenyan culture or at least what it is right now is quite something. Unemployment mixed up dating, toxic feminism, fake accents and mannerism, all the plastic garbage and plasticism in people. And just before you start attacking me that Kenya has got a lot of positive things, I know it does but sometimes we need to look inside into the bitter truths if we will ever grow truly. Anyway, back to the labels…

Labels form the basis of almost everything. They tell basically what it is about a thing or a person, their worth, identity, what they contain -all thaaaaaat. And yeah, I know that we all wrote a composition about ‘Don’t book a judge by its cover,’ but the truth also is the cover, basically the label of a thing tells anyone looking at it what they should expect.

Some are hilarious though. Saw a matatu with a ‘fair’ chart, and let me tell you the fares weren’t any fair (but well, have you seen Rongai matatus with any fair fares?😁😁). There’re others though, which make someone want to ask if one took their time before branding themselves so… Saw a lady somewhere within the city suburbs with a t-shirt branded ‘I love boobs’, and no it wasn’t breast cancer day, neither did the t-shirt bear any marks showing that the writings were at least in line with that.

Once upon a time there was respect in being a carpenter as much there was in being an engineer, in being a farmer as in a doctor- anybody who earned their living honestly was great. But that all changed with a wave of a culture that wanted everything just easy and quick. We didn’t care anymore now for the means. Degrees and being in campus, getting a car quickly and living in Runda or something…wearing every label we saw in the movies and big shops was now the in thing. And well we didn’t care if we stole exams and got an easy A, if we broke some families while trying to get the so called ‘good life’, women trashed us, men and got ahead, got quick promotions because they are a women and got them cars on loans (I’m not saying you all got cars on loans), dangled the achievements in front of the men to shoot us down yet still expected us to man up and marry you. And of course there’re the rest who once they get any form of head start -go to good school, have rich parents, have better grades in school, to campus, so a presumably better course, we pathetically goad it over others and walk like you’re not mortals anymore. Sadly sometimes that shallowness ends up making many to even disrespect even their own parents, and betray those who held them up.

Beauty is skin deep. And so is anything that’s a real deal.

Having labels which put us ahead is cool but we need to remember that what makes life isn’t being an engineer, or a lawyer, or a single mother whose baby daddy rejected the baby but she has succeeded, being a CEO at 22 while the rest are still figuring out how to get through the semester, being the cool guy or the more lookable lady…. It’s kindness, and laughter, friendship that can be trusted, love that’s real and deep, you know all that that would make people to want to be around you once you stripped of your titles.

So suck it up and once you graduate, stop collecting all the pity that you’ve been tarmacking for 3 years and getting obese on it while you wait to get a job that suits the label you studied for, you got that far because you’re smart stop sticking to the label and make something of yourself instead. I don’t want to talk so much about ladies, but a friend of mine usually say that being a lady is not a disability, nor is it an excuse to hide your mediocrity. So just prove yourself a true pillar and the world will acknowledge you without you making a lot of noise or going some low way in the bid to get some appreciation in form of likes. Stop sticking to some label of dating from Mars, by having some crappy standards of what should be- hello, you’re not in Mexico with Allejandro nor is a man your ATM, wake up… Stop hiding behind the banner of oh boychild is being mistreated, you’re a man, you were made for challenges boss.!

Just before this turns into a bad rant, the bottom-line is labels are good, having one which places on the wall of the great is cool but what is said of you once those head starts are taken away? What you can do or make of yourself if you had nothing of your achievements; that’s the only true label that can build a worthy legacy.

So what more labels do you think we need to shed, what makes the true you? Will be waiting on your feedback on that on the comments.

Cheers guys

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