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Men With Emotions…

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

How much emotions can a man show? None.

Simple. What are you crying for? So what happened this time round? Huh…tell me? Ghost, your favorite character in Power died?

You lost your sure bet? You lost your side girl or what?

Forget the useless advice in the mainstream media; talk shows and whatever channels that tell you to get attached to your feminine side. A black (African & Kenyan) man has no emotions. We just feel bad temporarily, before we recollect ourselves and continue with the hustle.

You see some of these feelings; smiling, giggling are not just things I can picture a man doing. It doesn’t make sense. The thought alone of a man smiling or crying is just disturbing. When you are happy just grin. A man can’t afford a full smile with his mouth open…are you even straight? Real negros don’t smile.

Men hate emotions. Real men. Especially bad emotions. How did you get so emotional in the first place? You are soft like a ripe avocado.

It is just a global crisis how sentimental men have become. No shred of masculinity. They have totally lost control of their feelings. It is as if they have hormonal imbalance. This is treated by therapy. And these therapists are some of the people encouraging men to catch feelings. Do you know why? It is their job; their joy is when you come to them stressed to your last hair strand. I am not saying they are bad at their craft but they are sulking men too much. Therapists help in cases where you have an accident or get traumatized. But most of the time they are just trippin.

Seriously why are men nagging? And whining. Let me tell you something about emotions. You have them even if you are psychopath. But most likely you are misusing them when you lose control over yourself. When you cry you feel helpless. Figure out something else to do with your emotions. Tame your feelings. And let them help you make better decisions. If you can’t tame your emotions just kill them.

Be a robot. A hollow being with just space inside. Zero feelings like a machine. Listen to country music. Watch action movies only. Stop watching Maria. Maybe Real Housewives and Househelps of Kawangware.


Street Swagger Shoots

Okay, I have been macho in the first part of the article. Let me flip the coin to my softer side. I once heard in a radio show that a man is allowed to cry once in every relationship. Just once. My friend told me a man can only cry when cutting onions or when demonstrating and the anti-riot police squad throws a tear gas his way. But men also cry when they are being tortured by cops etc. These are extreme examples in situations where a man is allowed to shed a tear.

Oh, I forgot another crying occasion, when you lose a loved one. Psychologists, even though I tend to disagree with them on most things advice men to cry and let it out when they lose a loved one. On the contrary I think that is the time to be strong and not cry as such. Some people would say crying is not necessarily weakness. Forget them, crying is a feeling of helplessness.

Catching feelings

Okay, some people are more emotional than others. At least we agree on that. People say women are more emotional but I think chics have become so gangster nowadays. A long time ago you would break up with a girl and she would cry a whole week cursing your entire clan and lineage. But nowadays you leave a chic and she replaces you by evening, like a Boss. Shollei, oops, Surely??

Actually they have niggas in the back pocket just waiting for you to do some dumb shit before they replace you.

It is not bad having emotions, but what we are against is turning into an emotional mess. Being a cry baby.

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