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How to Deal With Getting Lost

Just because you FEEL lost doesn’t mean you are.The Emotion of being lost is a Feeling; hence it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily Truth. I’ve observed this within myself plenty of times and always keep the understanding of Emotion present. What you feel within the moment passes by as quickly as it arrives, so don’t tether yourself to a specific state of mind. It’s best to treat Emotion like a passing cloud or a gust of wind. I am by no means saying that you should completely ignore your emotions, that would be foolish. Instead, I urge you to take a step back and open your eyes to the bigger picture. When in the heat of Emotion, triple down on the activities that make you feel ALIVE. Poor mental health is a significant issue within the world, especially in first world countries. I deal with the tide of Emotion by tripling down on the activities that I know will produce a positive result. Whenever I feel down or lost, I resort to the music and writing. It is and always has been my most effective therapeutic practice. For you, it’s likely going to be different. Whether it’s painting, writing, speaking with family, the point is to do more of it when you’re feeling emotionally off-balance.It always does wonders. Discipline is the Antidote to feeling lost.As a universal meta-therapy that works for everybody, discipline never fails. When in doubt, make a wise decision.It doesn’t matter whether or not you think it has a beneficial impact because it does. Even the smallest wise choice makes a big difference in your emotional state.Are you feeling bad about your life?  Expose your body to the Sun.Can’t seem to get out of a rut? Cook a healthy, nutrient-dense meal.Relationship problems?  Go for a walk. Life treats proactive people with rewards while it’s ruthless to those who are inactive.Furthermore, I don’t believe that you can feel bad about yourself when your actions are wise. Eventually, you will gain benefits from those right decisions, and that will reinforce strong self-belief. Understand: This, too, shall pass. Everything in your life is temporary – loved ones, experiences, friendships, emotions, thoughts, etc. People who don’t understand this Truth try to hold on for dear life, only to be disappointed and come crashing down. Begin to view everything from this perspective, and you’ll find that it helps you with the act of gratitude, relieving you of unnecessary stress.How can you not feel grateful for a close friend when you have an understanding of their mortality in the back of mind? Maybe the feeling of being lost is a signal for you to change something. The feeling of being lost does have value because it could be a signal that you’re ready for something new. Maybe it’s time to move to a different place, start a novel career, or search for a new relationship. Nobody else can know that for you because it’s YOUR life. If you feel like a new beginning is near, start making some moves. In closing;the feeling of being lost, especially when you’re young, is a normal part of the life process. Don’t demonize this feeling. Sit with it. Allow it to teach you a thing or two about yourself. Only then will you be able to create the character and lifestyle you so desperately desire.

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