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How To Be Tough In A World Of Softies

The world is increasingly becoming soft. By soft, I mean WEAK and UNSTABLE.

And, what’s even worse is that you are likely following in the footsteps of those who have become weak. You live in a time within history where luxury has become the dominant value, a recipe for disaster when it comes to the sustainability and health of a culture.

  1. Internet

  2. Food Delivery

  3. Instant Uploads

  4. Irresistible Junk Food

These are some of the things that have manifested as a result of technological innovation and increased abundance.

But, don’t let them fool you…

Everything comes with both a positive and negative relationship.

You cannot avoid the Yin & Yang of life, it is found within every single thing that exists.

“Yin and yang can be thought of as complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts. According to this philosophy, everything has both yin and yang aspects (for instance, shadow cannot exist without light).”

It is a Universal Principle that cannot be ignored. To the degree that it is ignored is the degree to which you suffer unnecessarily.

The Internet? You can use it to numb your pain unconsciously or create awareness.

Food Delivery? You can use it to create the unbearable feeling of disgust that comes with being obese or it can aid you in creating healthy meals to grow stronger.

Instant Uploads? You can use it to upload porn and become an incel, or you can use it to create information products that put money in your pocket.

Irresistible Junk Food? You can enjoy it guilt-free on special occasions or you can create debilitating disease by consuming it.

The Yin and Yang is everywhere, but you are the common thread that is in control of how that process is going to work.

You can only become tough by doing this…

You’ve always wanted to separate yourself from the crowd,

You’ve always had that urge to become great,

That’s great, but what are you doing to back that mentality up?

You cannot become tough in a world of softies by just speaking about it, there must be action.

And, action is about creating pressure.

To become stronger, apply conscious pressure to your every day life.

If you want to cultivate muscle, you apply conscious pressure onto your physical frame so that you are forced to grow.

If you want to cultivate intellect and nuance, you apply conscious pressure onto your mental frame so that you are forced to expand.

  1. Without pressure, you become soft.

  2. When you become soft, you deserve to lose.

  3. What does this mean practically?

  4. Train your body on a daily basis.

  5. Train your mind on a daily basis.

  6. You can never become great if you do not train, period.

I don’t give a fuck how you train, just make sure that you push yourself past your comfort zone and recover wisely.

Let me know what habits you’re going to develop within those two domains – mind and body.

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