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Habits In Youth Make All The Difference

Written by Derrick H.

Most people my age are either:

  1. Getting hammered

  2. Spending time off at the club

  3. Following the path of their parents

If you:

  1. Remain sober

  2. Show up to the gym

  3. Create your own vision

Then, you will blow the competition out of the water in less than a decade. Young people, including myself, need to understand the value of long-term thinking as well as long-term habits.

Too many young people are lost, isolated, uneducated, and following the momentum of the herd. The resulting impact is a major rise in depression, anxiety, and suicide.

This is unacceptable, from my perspective. We need more people spreading messages of value that the youth can become attracted to.

Take a look at the actions that most young people engage in and you will find that those actions are driven by short-term thinking.

  1. Excessive partying

  2. Excessive drinking

  3. Excessive junk food and eating out

  4. Excessive lounging around and gossiping

Now, this is part and parcel of being young, but the line into dysfunctional actions has clearly been crossed as a culture.

There’s nothing wrong with partying, drinking, eating out, or relaxing and lounging around. But, when that becomes your primary mode of living, how can you expect to not become depressed, anxious and suicidal?

Aristotle has an amazing quote that I often love to refer to:

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.”

Well, the question that naturally manifests is the following: “What are good habits?”

Good habits are healthy habits.

Good habits are habits that give you more in both the short and long term.

Good habits are those actions that produce unbelievable rewards in the future.

Here is a list of good and healthy habits:

  1. Mindfulness Meditation

  2. Eating Nutritious Food

  3. Getting to sleep by 10:30 PM

  4. Breathing deeply through the nose and out the mouth

  5. Taking walks

  6. Reading timeless books

  7. Training consistently and lifting weights

  8. Giving more than you take in an interaction

  9. Choosing the emotionally difficult path

  10. Creating instead of consuming

  11. Hugging those whom you love and admire

  12. Surrounding yourself with people 10+ years ahead of you

  13. Investing in your own psychology and character

  14. Spending time in nature

  15. Listening to podcasts and audio-books

  16. Revising your vision for the future

  17. Engaging in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reviews

  18. Focusing on high ROI (Return On Investment) activities

  19. Remaining sober

  20. Building up a side hustle and business

Each of these habits, in and of themselves, can produce a dramatic change within the quality of your life if you commit to it.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it is a wonderful place to start the process.

The short-term, instant gratification habits are not worth it.

Over time, I have come to the realization that the short-term gratification habits are just not worth the few seconds of pleasure.

Whenever I eat unhealthy food, I immediately feel the negative impact on my own body and this further ingrains the idea that such behavior is not worth it.

Whenever I get a poor night of sleep, I am reminded the next day in regards to how shitty and out of it I feel.

Guys, that shit is just not worth it. Instead, what is worth it is progress and the understanding that you are creating a powerful future for yourself.

The long term, healthy habits are an acquired taste.

A number of people cannot stand self-discipline, yet they do not understand that self-discipline is about doing the things that you do not want to do.

The process of self-discipline is exactly like the process of tasting wine. For the first couple of times, you won’t like it that much.

But, over time, you begin to gain an acquired taste for it.

The problem that most have is that they don’t stick with it long enough to experience any benefit. They don’t stick with the process of self-discipline long enough to acquire the taste.

You will always have two fundamental choices:

  1. Mediocrity

  2. Excellence

You can only have one or the other and with excellence, comes imbalance.

Love you all,

Be relentless and prolific,

Derrick H.

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