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Finding JOY During Hard Times…


Joy is an incredible thing. It takes enough work that it feels pretty satisfying to achieve; yet it’s not so much work as though to become impossible – trust me, it’s true!

I’ve had several people, especially recently, ask me the question, “Mister, how DO you find joy when life can be so difficult and full of fear/pain/anger/etc.?” That’s a great question, and sometimes more powerful than the asker really knows. Asking the question brings the thought to the forefront of the mind, then creating hope for the joy, which is necessary to lean towards it.

My answer? First of all, joy should not be something that is found necessarily, for it is completely and totally created by each of us. External feelings like happiness and fear are simply different from joy; for joy is there because you made it come for yourself. It’s a pretty simple process, actually. Mind you, it’s not effortless, and not always easy; it is simple, though. It’s important to be intentional at the practice of creating joy every day; especially on days that are harder and more full of pain and grief than others. Yep, hope you didn’t think it would one day just come and stick to you like glue forever and ever. Doing something about joy is important, but it becomes easier once you’ve actually activated that joy.

Yesterday, it rained. Hard. It. Was. Awesome! (Happy Rainy Season btw, Nairobians & Earthlings!) I don’t think I’ve actually ever really noticed it the way I did yesterday, sitting in my little house corner-turned-office facing the window…


Kind of the best view from which to work…

It has been proposed that rain – from sprinkles to the deluge – is God crying for His earth and people; and He has a lot to cry about. There is, though, certainty in crying. It’s important because of the cleansing effect it can have, with purpose. Actually, I highly recommend it, if you’re okay with crying. Some people are not okay with that, and that’s fine. One thing I will say, though, is that if you don’t feel like crying to get rid of “those feelings,” then try to truly express your emotions in a positive way. Positive in the sense that it’s healthy and not dangerous for yourself or others. I don’t always like to think of emotions as ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’, but here’s the thing: it’s kinda necessary. It’s important that neither you nor your surrounding community are harmed in the expression of your emotions. There’s so much you can do, without eating a pint of ice cream (sorry y’all) or punching a wall… Take a walk and really be present, noticing the creation that’s just outside your doors – God- or man-made.

In fact, try this: look in the mirror, at YOU!… and notice. Take the time before doing anything else, to simply stand there and look. Notice the pain or frustration or fear behind your eyes or in the lines by your eyes or mouth… and speak to them. Yep, say (OUT LOUD) how incredible life can be and how amazing you are. Incorporating it into a morning and/or evening ritual is even better. For now, the main point is not whether you believe it or not, but whether you have the ability to just speak it; to you. And let me tell you, YOU DO!

It’s okay, you don’t have to believe me right now, that you can and will activate your joy in life. Just know I’m here to help you do it, if/when you so choose. It’s pretty great, to be sure. Also be aware – now that you have been told it’s possible, keep it in your mind and get ready to go for it!

Later, buddy, I promise! ❤

Until next time People,


*Of course, there’s more. So much more. I’m so excited to be writing a blog on activating joy and using it in one’s life to achieve goals and awaken love, based on my own experiences as a human being

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