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Bouncing Back

Today is the first Monday of July 2020. Meeeehn, 2020 is almost done. In fact, we have split it half. But this has been a year of its own kind. I mean, it is unquestionable that 2020 has been a dystocia or an abnormal birth.

There are thousands of people who have been laid off during these tough times. My heart goes out to them. Look, losing a job during a tough time like this is never easy. But if you ask me, I’ll also tell you that staying without a job during a global disaster like the covid-19 is not a child’s game. But you know what, every day you wake up is just an augury that all is not lost. You are only done the day you stop breathing. A person who has a breath of life can never be written off. This is just a passing storm.

The society we live in tends to lay much emphasis on early fame or success. There is always a script that you are required to follow. The society expects you to have graduated in your early 20s, and if you don’t own a car in your 30s then you are not a full human being. For the ladies, the script is that if you are not married to a rich man by the time you hit the 3rd floor then you will be labeled “a brand new second hand”.

But the truth is most people hit their 30s while still struggling to get their first degrees. A number of people hit 40 with no cars, no house of their own, and even worse, no tangible employment.

When you find yourself in a situation like this, you will feel defeated and the oomph of your aspiration and dreams right in front of your eyes.

Here is what the society wants you to do; if you haven’t made it by 30-35, my friend, you are done. Just make peace with the providence. But before then, resign yourself to the cruelty of paucity; then dejectedly trudge along life’s streets and wait for the day your chest will cease to heave. Right? Wrong!

History: World’s Late Bloomers

I learn a lot from history. Martin Luther King Jr once said, “We are not makers of history. We are made by history”

True to history, a number of the most successful people in the world only enjoyed a glimpse of the stage lights in the life theatre well into their middle.

To begin with; the Harry Potter series you enjoy now actually began as books.

Morgan Freeman is a household name. But what many do not know is that he was almost 40 when he rose to fame through his roles in “The Electric Company’, and “Another World”.

The famous McDonalds was started in 1954 when the owner was 52 years old. All those great men, from the guy who started Honda to great leaders like Winston Churchill bounced back after the world almost wrote them off.

Everything is possible. Even with the disastrous failures and misspent youth, you can still be what/who ever you wanna be.

Remember that success has no deadline or age limit.

Stay Safe y’all

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