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Advantages of Print Marketing

Written by Henry Deriki

One question that comes to the mind of business owners whenever they want to pursue a new communication and marketing campaign is whether they’ll use television, print, or go the online way. The digital market has seen a lot of advances, and one might be deceived that the heydays of print marketing are long gone. But one thing that is less known to many is that print marketing is way much better than most forms of marketing.

When applied across a variety of other media platforms, print marketing can bring in more revenues. The results tend to explain why this form of marketing has been adopted in several markets. What is important is not only how our brains process data but also capture the same information.

According to a research that was undertaken within a period of eight years, several procedures that occur when information is consumed through digital and print platforms.

Here are some of the steps in the entire process. For more get in touch with Rush Hour Printing & Graphics.

Paper Reading is Deeper and Slower

Each time a person reads content through an online platform, the process tends to be very fast. They are also able to skim the content for some of the core ideas. On the other hand, when information is consumed on paper, they tend to read it a bit slower, so as to take in all the information and comprehend it more deeply.

Reading Information on Paper is More Intensive

There are several distractions that are associated with online reading. It is always characterized by a number of interruptions from applications, notifications, advertisements, as a well as several on-screen features. These make it completely hard for the readers to concentrate fully on the content. When it comes to print materials, such distractions are a thing of the past, and so readers can fully emphasize on the material. Rush Hour Printing & Graphics provides the best print marketing adverts.

Readers of Print Materials Understand and Remember More

Print readers are able to take a break and focus on the material, and this allows them to attain a good understanding and remember the information they had read. A number of research have noted that the multisensory process of holding the paper while reading assists from the links between more abstract ideas and the content.

Product Marketing Enhances the Product

With the help of the multisensory connections, readers are able to visualize further, while experiencing and feeling the situations, products, and the concepts that they are reading about, particularly in advertisements. This can maximize the affinity for the products or the brand that is being marketed. A similar response cannot be generated by digital-only campaigns.

Print Marketing Brings More Purchases

Increase in the intent of purchase and brand favorability through the advert exposure by the print magazine is 7% higher than advertising through online platforms. It is also 3% higher than advertising on television. Two of the most metrics that are associated with buying behaviors is purchase intent and brand favorability.

Print Operates Alongside Other Avenues

When applied in conjunction with one or more other platforms, print can assist in boosting revenues. Integrating television and print adverts produced results that were much greater than online and television when put together. When the three media channels are brought together, better results are produced. This facilitates the entire idea that print is the main media that pushes results.

Print Promotes Recall of Other Media

Television ads are only recalled when print advertisements are part of the entire project. When exposed to the print, people are able to connect products with advertising messages.

Print Raises Awareness With Time

After four exposures, online and television campaigns exhibit diminishing returns. In contrast, print marketing continues to enhance advert persuasion and awareness at more than five exposures. This makes print the best choice for a long-term marketing campaign.

Print Marketing is the Source of Efficient Campaigns

According to the research, print paper avenue takes responsibility for a number of high performances of magazine media. Due to the strong nature of the evidence, a number of magazine publishers now guarantee advertisers that their campaigns for print media would maximize brand awareness and bring much ROI – Return on Investment. This is one of the areas where Rush Hour Printing & Graphics takes much more interest in.

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